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 Unfortunately, auto accidents happen to even the most careful of drivers. 
Knowing what to do after the accident could make the experience a little less frightening and stressful.

In Case of an Accident, Just Follow the Simple Steps Below.

Stay Calm and check for injuries. Life and health are more important than damage to vehicles.
Make Note
of specific damages to all vehicles involved.
Get the Facts
and essential detail at the scene. Write down the names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance companies of persons involved in the accident. Also, write a description of the other vehicles and their license numbers. Jot down the names of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. This can prevent disagreement concerning how the accident actually happened.
Call the Police
to file an accident report, even if the accident is minor, and request medical assistance if needed. Don't leave the accident scene before the police arrive. A police report may be required by State or local law.
Limit Discussion
of the accident and talk only with the police or your claim handler. Don't admit fault at the scene. If contacted by an attorney or the other persons insurance company, simply refer them to your Claim Representative.

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